Certified PDF guide

Certified PDF Guide

On-Premises version 4.2

Welcome to the section dedicated to the Common Criteria EAL2 + certified guide! In this area you can download the Common Criteria EAL2+ certified version of BooleBox On-Premises documentation.

Obtaining this recognition has been a source of great satisfaction to us, with a view to offering ever-increasing safety to all those who decide to rely on our product: the certification, at the level reached, imposes strict safety standards, penetration tests and careful analysis of platform functionalities. It is a great achievement that demonstrates the compatibility of 4.2 version of BooleBox On-Premises with the standards signed by the 32 signatory countries of the Common Criteria project. More information available at this link.

Click here to view the certificate and here to view the Security Target on which the certification process was based.

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